Trafficking was lying in the street

SClTVictim of sexual exploitation because of being female? Could be but, she is not educated too. Actually there are many who are not educated but, knows to deal with the various types of people. Caste system is one major factor that exploitation and discrimination does exist. What if there will be someone who raise voice and focused in caste system. What if I am academically higher than someone who is higher in caste? Obviously he/she will discriminate based on caste. In her case she was a beautiful woman with nice hair but, she was exploited and taken out of the border. She does not want to describe about what had happened. But, she was rescued from the street in coordination of CM with a shelter home run by one of the trainee social worker.

She born in a majority community of Kathmandu. She belongs to financially decent family. After getting married all this disaster happened. During the day, when her husband was away a rented person flirt with her. And, since her husband used to come home drunk and misbehave, she was attracted to this tenant. Sympathy was the key that this human trader used to attract her and asked her to come with him so that they could marry and live a happy life. But, she was tricked and trapped. After her body was of no use, she was chucked just like a rubbish. She was also suffering of sexual health. When she could return back, she went to visit her family but, her son bit her and she had to select street to live where she could beg.