New Generation Should Recognise

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Image: Shows, the contrast between unemployment and available work?

New generation will recognise that there is no ultimate happiness. However, life is to live at its full. Therefore, a better life could be imagined. This is possible by contributing from wherever possible. From where you study, work, travel, eat.

I am a new generation but, old for the younger. Everyone ought to play the role by thinking wisely:

  • that the world is ours, small contribution counts – think globally, act locally
  • that I ought to be steward to every things that is linked with green environment, natural habitat, animals
  • the air that we breath, electricity that we use to run our machines, water that we use to live hygienic and drink are linked with the environment and nature without it we lost our existence

As an NGO, player for civilisation, a programme is developed to bring the developmental hindrances into light. Nepal is thinking to graduate from it’s Least Developed Countries (LDCs) status but, the earthquake and the economic blockade are the hindrances that is reflected by the government that chucked backward from the target time frame.

However, there are more than that. I am indicating based on 5-years studies that human being is at the centre. We known that human being is contained with many things: feelings, attitudes, emotions. Overall I personally have found that human being is decent in nature. Naturally human being is good. But, it is challenging. Mental wellness plays a vital role in shaping the human nature. During the life time, psychological illness and change in mentality are usual. However, some strong feelings linked or attached with either bad or good incidences. This needs to be found out to use as an element to shape up the human nature again. Transformation is quite popular word that is viewed as change in behaviour after accepting something like accepting Jesus Christ as savior.

Nepal was a Hindu country. Based on the majority, it is still the one. But, I have been commenting on the published articles based on what the leader are raising voice against Christian. At first leader is the one who thinks even about their foe. Thinks to follow them. But, it could not be unseen that it is a bad try to step into a minority community who were unrecognised as Nepalese citizenship. This itself unfair because, there are many qualified who are not finding job in public sectors and its agencies. Beside these, the uncontrolled and undisciplined practise in those sectors are not found a relevant place for the people who follow the good principles obtained either from academic sectors, family or something relevant like Bible. However, it is suggestible that why the majority community “The Hindu” work in the quality development. Training to the families about married life, life before marriage, good behaviours, sin, happiness.