Let Us Meditate to Revive Our Corrupt Mind

meditation as a part of training

If you have not went outside of your regular environment since a week or more then you have no idea what is going on outside. You could think that what you are doing is perfect and right. However, whole world is changing and adopting more simple life and they are happy that when you try to influence with what you are practising, he / she won’t take it. It might be better if you first practise what you are saying or influencing to do or follow. It is not hard to follow but what is lacking is setting up your mind before other parts of your body react. Mind is the central control system in our body (psychological point of view). Just like to run a vehicle, fuel is vital but, it is not only that runs the whole vehicle. Its engine parts must be well maintained. Therefore, timely servicing is recommended. There are many service centres in the market. If we go to each and every big, medium and small shops, they are always busy. These service centres are vital. Let us not expect a meditation centre that is just to clean our mind from various thoughts that we do not even know or we could either identify by ourselves or if someone will identify for us but, we do not believe it. Because, meditation, according to my our experience is that it could be done by ourselves after waking up. And, going to a quite and fresh environment. This is just a first step. However, it is vital. I hope if you just give 5 minutes in early morning by closing your eye with good poster and focus in your breathing i.e. inhaling and exhaling, then you will comment me or you will not but, you will just live a life that it should be, a normal life.

There are various distractions in our life. The unknown destruction is something that you think is important that will help you to go further in life. The other destruction is happiness itself because you think that happiness comes from materialistic life expensive dress, expensive food but, that is not because you will later suffer because of those comforts. Therefore, before it is later we have to fix our mind and explore the mystery of full and ultimate happiness in our life.