Look at these two girls. Soon they become young and left their parents house. And, they lost their security. When they were young they were not allowed to go outside of house. School was rare. During menstruation, it is ritually restricted that they will be seen by any male. Mother taught them to take care of house and serve their husband. But, who knows what will happened if they give birth to daughter. 

An elderly mother told me when I asked about her story that brought her in the shelter home. It was the second day after giving birth to her daughter. She was asked by her mother in law to go to collect grass and feed herd. As she returned her daughter was crying. She saw wound in her stomach. “A burnt wooden stick was pushed in her stomach”. She cried a lot, there were no treatment. However, she used some traditional medicine. Her husband did not say anything rather he stayed away showing unhappiness because of giving birth to a daughter. But, her mother-in-law repeatedly saying that she will die just because of that wound. Her little daughter died. Gradually, she felt very sad. It is not explainable. Her husband brought a new wife. Her heart felt very much. She left her husband house and went to her parents. Men were kept on coming and asking for marriage but, her heart was broken. Even her parents forced her for it. But, she ran away and started working in big house. She was taken in India as a servant. She did not explained about what she had to do there. Later, when she returned she started living in a shelter home. And, until today she is staying in a shelter home. 

That is way if we have a debate that on why education is more needed for female than male then Console Mission will say it is for girl. The two elderly mothers have similar stories otherwise they would have been living at their own home. Parents should think beforehand about the daughters because they are sensitive. They need to learn more than their brothers because they have various roles to play. Education and literate to various facts of life like maternity, sexual health, handling various types of people like their future relatives and husband, a role of mother. Lets us raise hand for the educational rights of our daughters. If we see them, just ask about their school. Let us send our daughters to school not because it is their rights or it is their need but, it is our need. Children follow their mother. What we are today is because of our mother. If we are living life that is not socially relevant then that is also because of our mother. But, let us not blame her of growing up us in that way but, think that how she raised us. It might be difficult for her to feed us and manage basic needs. Recognising the fact that we are not grown up well, we could change our life and give happiness to our mother who really wanted us to have a good life. She might be in prison but, it could be because for our happiness.

Let us change our attitude towards female whom you may sleep by paying for an hour sex. It is not her that created the situation but, it is us. It is our attitude. Why could not we give money without touching her body.