Nepali society is just spending their life because what they are doing is not valuable

When I go to the busy market places like Balkhu Vegetable Market ( I could see that the today’s “Nepali society is just spending their life because what they are doing is not valuable”. Look at this picture where this market is located, and look its surrounding. It will be like a monitoring responsibility if I would have taken pictures of the inside portion i.e. the market where the seller are selling vegetable goods in wholesale price to the retailers or shoppers like me. But, I haven’t done that. However, this pictures are from the surrounding.

How they are doing their business is going to cause a bigger problem that their profit will certainly go away. If we look at the Cholera break through in Haiti in 2010 where 9,000 Haitians were killed and made 800000 ill was the disease transferred from Nepal through the Nepali peacekeepers (source:, 2017).

In October 2010, a new deployment of Nepalese troops brought the water-borne disease to Haiti that has left 6,200 dead and more than 438,000 ill (Source direct link:

This reflects that how we are affecting beyond our own country. Is not we Nepali should take it seriously.

For example relating to the TOPIC ”
,” the other issues that whole world knows is that the Corruption Perception Index reflects that Nepal is ranked 131 among 176 countries. And, scored 31 out of 100, it means that the public sector corruption is high. Let us not take that public sector means just the Government (direct link to the source: But, it links with private sectors and people like us too.

In one hand Nepal is the cause that disease is transferring. And, not knowing the value of earning but, just focusing in earning without caring the environment where it is a place for earning. And, selling goods that is highly possibility of transferring disease weakens the future capability of growth or just say Sustainable Growth.