HR is Intelligent

Last 2 months starting from March 2017 when our HA started visiting the targeted place one is encouraged to handle the responsibility. It did not happen suddenly but, reaching out and reaching out regularly with a purpose to support their challenging work without interfering worked well. And, in coming days we are hoping more because to maintain the level is another additional challenge than reaching to the level.

It is the organisation’s responsibilities to take care of the beneficiaries whom they rescued. There are people who returned back to the street because they did not find lives at the place where they were taken after rescuing. Not only food but, every other need is vital.

Beside health, the mission is working on the whole for the quality development. Please pray that the caretaker or social worker volunteering or are paid staff put their effort by helping us. There are many similar homes located far and unable to attend Health and Management Training vital to boost their work. In this situation, the mission needs HR to go there. And, it is not just for once but, we need to visit on a regular basis. At least twice a week. We need to manage the resources.


1: HA reaching out to the organisation with small package of health checkup that is taking care of abandoned aged from street and stranded at hospital.

2: Caretaker of shelter home following advice of medical need advised by HA by taking her beneficiaries to hospital.