Children Education of Geographical Location of Nepal Reached by Console Mission

#grassroots agency focusing Health, Education and Community Services, returning from village meeting school going children. Motivating and encouraging these children is important. It is not possible to meet them during school because as they start 7 am and return 7 pm, there school is located distance away. Last time on health community services the team could meet late evening. 2 girls studying in grade 9 are growing young who are the hope that they complete their study and could help the other in after school academic tasks, but social and distance with narrow challenging path crossing jungles by #footwalk to reach school. Further far health post is not accessible.

To address the situation, this #grassroots agency is concentrating to #education motivational and coaching. And, empowering the local resources by providing health training and specific well equipping education.

Once a month health checkup visit by managing to send Health #volunteer has been one important project. Opening school and health clinic in accessible distance is challenging. But, CM is meeting the VDCs elected members to understand their view to approach 15 bed hospital. Currently CM needs support for its education motivational and health literacy activities.