Study Place

Project Title: After School Coaching for Kids of 3 Rural Villages

Project Summary: This project’ll build a Study Place to coach 69 kids of 1 village of rural Lalitpur & strengthen girls self-abilities. Sabina, a young girl might be going to grade if she could have said no to marriage. School is far, walk passing jungles, rivers is risky. And, after menstruation, freedom is limited, cause of social risk parents forces for marriage. It is a popular tradition practiced all over the country. The saying “girls suits inside house” is hot. But they need self-motivation & direction.

Theme: Women and Girls

Budget: $7954

What is the problem?

Kids of Nostril Garden, 23 families walk early & returns late from school. Neighboring 4 villages’ve similar situations. School is fun, but there are several cases that kids’ve been stopping. Suresh, son of village senior, discontinued & working in construction sites. Study at higher level is tough & there is none capable to help to do their assignments & prepare for their exam that makes academic life easier besides tiredness & challenge. Girls’re socially weak, as they grow, marriage is prior.

How will this project solve the problem?

We’ll build a “Study Place” accessible for the villages focusing one village where kids will be coached relevant to their academic books. And, works toward strengthen the self development to cope with the environment. The permanent presence, continue visit & plan to pass knowledge to the senior children to take responsibility of “Study Place” will solve the problem that children are facing that even if they wanted to share, they know that it is worthless to share their problem to their parents.

Potential Long-Term Impact:

Develop Self-Capability to speak in individual situation that is against their rights & stand mutually too. Moreover, the primary goal is to positively develop their capacity to understand the importance of education. Awareness to the parents’ll be another activity that Study Place’ll provide. Moreover, villagers have recognized the importance of education. Since the villages are settled in a geographical area where walking is the only appropriate way, based on our value ‘regularity’