Half Year (B.S. 2074 / 2075)

As Console Mission is working on the upcoming Board Meeting, I would like to give overview on what happened during the last 6-months starting from the latest:

  1. Worked in the areas of human resources development: on the first week of January 2018, 14 from the communities and 4 from shelter homes interacted and learned about human trafficking, nutrition, counselling, personal skill development and management.

    5 raised hand, the question was: how many knew about ingredients needed to make Sarwottam Pitho

  2. Internships for 8 for whole year 2018 was announced and 8 have applied. For the first six month until June 2018, 3 are selected, 1 more will be selected after interview. Bachelor in Social Work background, Health background and management background areas will be covered. The internship time frame is maximum 6 months depending on the project that they handled or assist. This will help to develop their personal skill. And, if the student is in the final year, they will get an opportunity to develop Resume / Curriculum Vitae. And, fill-up applications, that is possibly relevant to their job expectation. However, Internship will develop skills that based on their effort they will be capable to develop and coordinate their own project.

    Interns working Action Plan