Study Place Progress

There are 5 peoples directly taking care of a small study place where 18 children are regularly attending the educational coaching. 3 are the locals, among them 2 are grade 10 girls.

A room is rented with the help of the board member of Console Mission who are academically ahead and values education. They were requested by the project executive in a quarterly board meeting and showed willing to support for 4 months. After this time there are challenges because though the plan is to run independently by the local. But since the village community is in the rural and mostly the family depend in agriculture and manual work, monthly collection of fund from the family according the number of children who are getting educational coaching will take time.

The expenses are for monthly rent, stationery and communication & travel of local volunteer to office and visit to the village from Console Mission office. Currently sending tutor is the need but we need to pay on a monthly basis because one who will take tutor responsibility has to give full time.

In a rainy day when walking path to school is blocked by landslides, especially small children are in risk. These children along with those who are regular coming to the class work together guided by the local volunteer.


Team CSELAP meets monthly – September 2018

The team on September 28, 2018 talked about the challenges. It is instructed to the local that they have to stay positive. And, be calm on listening and answering to the other locals. We have to think about alternate room because how long we could continue paying rent. Therefore, in recent future, the team is planning to meet the village elected government officials. The team hops that in future Study Place will run on its own open for neighboring village also.