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2018 Q.1

Health Club a concept that a group of local keep aware the other locals on preventive health targeting NTDs.

An informal team meeting to share about their training implementation on 
Soil-transmitted helminthiasis as their work are appreciated







Interns learning to develop Public Speaking skill and to organise a quick impacting training based on pre-testing and followup after the training

Training of Trainer

TOT for Grade 12 of MAVM School on GHD and Preventive Health

Local walk global impact | Modern Days Slavery: Sex trafficking, forced labor, bonded labor, domestic servitude, child soldier, forced/underage marriage

Human Rights do not Diminish with age. 70 days campaign to learn and understand about ageism.


  1. A month-long festival holiday stopped activities planned for a school in the preventive health project-targeted village. This is giving the Project Team more time to prepare for it. A teacher at Shree Gyanodya Primary School has selected teams for a quiz contest and informed the students about debate topics, so that they can prepare for it during the holiday.
  2. Educational coaching class at Naya Gaun[1], managed by guiding 3 locals where about 18 students are regularly getting help in their study.
  1. 2 Public Health students are selected for Internship. 2 are continuing from the year 2018. Internship helps to equip students to develop their skills and working capabilities.
  2. 30 grade 12 student of Mahendra Adarsha Vidyashram (MAV) received Training of Trainers on Preventive Health. They will be monitored to conduct after-training activities. Some have started, and will get more opportunities.[2]
  3. An age 7 girl was at risk is rescued from his violent, alcoholic and sexually abusive father with the help of one courageous Christian woman. Though her family was not supporting her willingness to help this little girl Sabina Adhikari, whatsoever it was heard by one of the Team Member of Console Mission as she was sharing about the situation and she was unable to help. Now as she was assessed she is healthy, but she has polio from birth. Her mother died, she used to be bitten by her father. She speaks well and said that she does not want to live with his father anymore. She needs to join school and the organisation has to manage her daily routine so that her life will go smoothly
  4. As part of the annual activities, activities relevant to Global Handwashing Day were organised. Preparation for a campaign on Modern-Day Slavery (Human Trafficking) was done, targeting a Peaceful Rally on October 20.
  5. 2 health-relevant volunteers were sent to the project targeted area to organise health activities. They stayed there for 3 days and reached 600 people.
  6. Monthly local volunteer & caretaker of study place visited office to share & support.
  7. On 1st October, the UN International Day of Older Persons, a campaign was launched ‘Ageing Equal’ campaign[3], a global awareness -raising campaign. Console Mission supports this campaign. 70 days to learn and act “Human rights do not diminish with age”.
  8. Annual General Assembly: 7 new members joined. 3 are selected board member.

[1] Naya Gaun (New Village) is seventeen households village made up of two Brahmin households, indigenous ethnic socially disadvantaged communities in rural Lalitpur district, a Bhattedanda Village Development Communities. For the children school is distant away. Health facility is also located far. The area has minimal traveling facilities.

[2]     Video Link: (Health)