Recently Got Married born on August 24, 2004

Anju, who was recently had annual assessment on Baishak 29, 2075 (May 12, 2018) passed grade 7 and going in grade 8. She is also one of the children who were motivated to continue going to school and complete her school because as a female she has to face multiple responsibilities in future? On Kartik 19, 2075 (November 5, 2018) we were expecting her to visit office instead her sister Bina came. When we asked the other children they giggled, she got married.

She was born Bhadra 8, 2061 (August 24, 2004). She is about 15.

It was her self-decision to get married with a person whom he loved (as told by her sister Bina) was real because according to the tradition their parents welcomed them and organised a wedding ceremony.

But the question is what Console Mission will look forward. Based on similar case, a girl named Sabina is suffering of health and social issues. In this case both are premature linking to their social capability, because they were both school students.

On June 4, 2018 (picture where she is holding uniform) the team visited and found her at home because she was taking care of his ill father. Visit to village, activities related to the importance of education and annual assessments are good practices. But starting a Study Place and running it by sending tutor will be a Best Practice, Console Mission has been focusing.

Anju along with his newly married husband will work for earning. Most possibly, her husband will join manual work like in road construction. And, she will take care of household and in farming and taking care of domestic animal. Later his husband will go to abroad for earning. And possibly Anju will get pregnant.

Now, they will be called to meet in a contact place suitable for Console Mission and for them for family counseling. Everyone knows about what is best to do but in practicality, this is happening.