Newsletter X

As a part of Annual Activities, 94 who joined Rally to aware on Human Trafficking were from various parts of Kathmandu Valley. Compare to last year in 2017 where there were 300 participants this year though there were motivational activities at colleges, the number was few.

Last year it was limited to Lalitpur area, the main market area and main places. But, this year the Rally started from Lagankhel to Ratna Park. Beforehand permissions were taken. There were 5 female team who managed materials, searched for fund and visited administrative and police offices to receive permission. Among them 2 were specifically focusing in this task because of the fact that Human Trafficking is increasing from 5000 to 8000 annually since 2015 (since Earthquake).

Crossing roads

End of the Rally, an opportunity was taken to display banner and written materials that exposed the purpose and subjects of Rally. Moreover, pamphlet was main material that was distributed to the locals on the course of the walk.