Why Covid-19 is Pandemic when There are Patient Discharged?


The content in this writing is different than the title. However, you will find out the work of Console Mission during the lock-down.

Yesterday, Console Mission heard that a community hospital is shortage of face mask. One female staff whose husband is the Administrator asked for prayer as they are in endanger situation because they interact patient frequently. Even in other normal days health professionals and people working in hospital wears face-mask and they are used to it. Just thinking that a hospital where most locals from 1-district depends for medical treatment is out of vital safety material/tool is unimaginable that gave a thought to the writer of this blog: could not such need managed and stored for a year because usually such materials and even medicine should have more than a year long expiry date is not it. It is incomparable with a country like Finland, where school children are likely to give after school assignments or homework and that helped children to be creative, because since yesterday (3/29/2020) the confirmed Covid-19 confirmed number was 1,218 and 9 death but Nepal has 5 cases only. And, Helsinki Times reported on March 20 that there are not enough protective gears, masks, disinfectants and test-kits for Covid-19 in the country. When writing this blog, the fact is that The Worlds’ Situation is panicking. But, WHO reported  More than 70% of COVID-19 patients in China have recovered, been discharged.

The team member of the logistic and medical equipment and medicine were searching here in the capital city of Nepal but they were not finding. And, since their contacts were unable to supply, they were reluctant to find themselves in the market. In this situation coincidentally, spouse of the head of the hospital learned what Console

hand-made face-mask made at Console Missions’ office during the lock-down that has been shortage in the market

Mission posted about the material that they have been initiating thinking the opportunity to fund-raise after the end of the current situation. Because, making mask was not presented by the program executive in the Board Meeting that undertake quarterly or supposed to present for Annual Program Planning, this happened consequently. Who imagined or analyzed forthcoming.

The first order for the associates of Console Mission who learned from among the trainee that participated in training from ward 14 where Console Mission is located was for about 300 – 500 pieces that was completed in 2 and a half day (about 10 – 15 hours), all the materials was provided and supplied at Console Missions’ office through its’ trainee. Lalitpur Municipality City Office gave mask-making training to certain people mainly females from ward 1 – 15 who were in the respective wards’ Committee that they will be capable to teach other. A member from ward committee learned and as she passed her knowledge to 2, mask-making work started though lock-down impacted, though those females’ children wanted them to remain at their house, they managed their time. There are trainee from past and current Sewing Training but it was impossible to involve them in this task because of the lock-down. Only those who are near could involve. If situation continues and orders comes beyond the Municipality Office, Console Mission has to take permission for travel, buy materials and manage the volunteers to travel and work. Or, in case where previous trainee has sewing machine, they can take materials and work at their own place.

mask that was managed for a community based hospital that was once recognized a model hospital in Nepal

Is not it is a myth that pandemic or disaster helps citizen live responsibly respecting the creation

In case of the Hospital that was in acute need of mask: The logistic or storekeeper was searching and they reached Console Mission. And, decided to purchase but they were in dilemma that whether the mask is appropriate. The demand in the market has increased the production however, that is made locally using local knowledge and materials. Many did not know about the fact about mask-making training that was a news in national radio. Console Mission showed the mask to health professional who recommended that that mask is better.

In this lock-down, there are certain time for business and permission for certain shop to sell their goods that materials that is necessary for making mask does not include. It become challenge for Console Mission to take order or supply the order to the hospital escaping the original customer who provided materials 3 days ago. However, Console Mission found someone who could manage it. The executive of Console Mission requested to manage what is made to the team involved in making mask but that was not possible. They told that every Municipality should have their own plan and this plan is limited to Lalitpur Municipality. Therefore, the ultimate source when it was challenging to reach out to get materials, managing it quickly from the source was decided because additionally that was made for Hospital.

300 masks were managed.

The ambulance driver and his friend came at about 12 noon as they were permitted to travel around. And, Console Missions’ volunteer and the person who knew about the source went with the driver in ambulance and brought mask that is specially made for hospital. But, the mask that is made at Console Mission is relevant too because when we see how the mask-making training started, it is linked with the COVID-19 Pandemic. The first week of March, Patan and Civil Service hospitals reported the Health Ministry of Nepal about the shortage of surgical masks and they started making cloth masks for the hospitals’ staff themselves.

It was an amazing experience for Console Mission to help the hospital serving in the community in other part of Nepal. And, by spending some time with the driver who came bringing patient from 184 kilometers  away to Kathmandu was positive view because he thinks that the situation created by Covid-19 (or #nCov or Novel Corona Virus) is a lesson to be responsible to the creation. On drivers’ own word “this situation is teaching many things”. Exactly, what the Municipality office trained at the right time become useful. Nepal might had been depending in importing such crucial safety tools because it is a tiny things. The fact is that Nepal manufactures medicine. Such materials like masks and globes could be produced easily based on the experience of making 500 masks. Even if that is not happening, it is possible in future that such necessary and daily use materials for hospital and clinical health sector must be consumed within the country. And, Console Mission could do it as a fund-raising activity. Ending hoping that hospital will find grassroots NGO their supplier in future. The improvement in this sector will be updated soon. Please connect with us through facebook.

there are various colors used in health sectors, one of it is white color, cloths, elastic string, sewing machine, and threads are the materials used to make mask. But without skill human resources, it is impossible. And, in this lock-down it is difficult to get those materials.
mask ready to go to the Municipality Office who then will distribute to the entity that they have identified in acute need

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Emergencies like pandemic brings individuals & health care services down. A lesson to learn and system to recycle and capacity to initiate to develop materials that is possible using local resources and materials.