Importance to Focus from Prevention

The organisation has been concentrating preventive health and moral education in the villages of its working district from 2015. Until the end of 2014, it was providing 1 or 2 training annually. On October 15, 2014 training emphasized and encouraged its trainee who did not have community interaction and motivated through them additional volunteers to go in the public with hand washing steps that they learned during the training. However, trainee had learned several other topics, this was unique and simple. Simplicity matters: As Aristotle have written “It is this simplicity that makes the uneducated more effective than the educated when addressing popular audiences—makes them, as the poets tell us, ‘charm the crowd’s ears more finely.’ Educated men lay down broad general principles; uneducated men argue from common knowledge and draw obvious conclusions.” ― Aristotle, The Rhetoric & The Poetics of Aristotle

The capacity of the training was fixed for minimum 12 and maximum 15. But, once it was double the maximum because Console Mission accepted request made for the training from outside of the Kathmandu valley. The total trainees since 2010 – 2015 were 108 participated in 8 training (12 trainees x 4 training + 15 participants x 4 training) until November 2016.

On November 2016, there were double the actual size. The majority trainees from Shelter Homes then substantially People from 2 VDCs, College Students and Faith-based were present.

Since January 2018 health project are implemented based on the original plan. Changes were not described beforehand because there are no such changes that is aside from what was planned. The project was developed because it was tested before. Household survey, interaction with the key people and previous information/ data were the ideal to move ahead.

Lalitpur district has been the working area. And, Basic Health and Management Training has been the title of the training that included Personal Hygiene and Sanitation, Nutrition, Counselling. And, Personal Management, Planning and Budgeting, Role of Caretaker. At its last training held on November 2014, the Abuse was interesting under the Role of Caretaker for the trainees and the participants.