NTDs and Console Mission

Console Mission selected Soil Transmitted Helminth to work on since 2018 because Console Mission has been focusing personal, family and institutional hygiene since 2014 by increasing awareness about hand washing publicly in the hub city of Nepal with “a concept that something that is done in the popular place of the country will be effective to spread all over the country”. Since the personal hygiene that Console Mission was focusing on, liked by some nurses and health professionals from Peru running her restaurant business, even this simple hand washing you are teaching and creatively raising awareness, was a familiar subject, Console Mission used it as one of the subjects. To increase knowledge, pamphlets that teach washing hands properly were printed and distributed by the volunteers who reached each household of the targeted project area called Choughare. There were trainees from school who also represented their ward. There were 18 – 24 trainees who later reached each household to find out the symptoms of STH, they recorded in a form, they treated medicine for the intestinal worms and taught about hand washing that they learned during the training. Similarly, creating a focused group for preventive health was challenging but at the end of 2018, Console Mission was holding a perfect suitable package to develop preventive measures by involvement of the people because geographically, places of the country lack basic health facilities. The available health posts lack supplies and the continuation of the presence of the health professionals is challenged by the roadways situations that they could hardly travel. However, they are managing to run the facilities. In this situation, the other part was to increase awareness about the responsibilities and the roles that the locals must play to preserve, protect and sustain the public properties like public schools, post office, police station, health post, etc.

In 2019 targeted to reach 2 wards called Nallu and Vhardev, interacted with the female community health volunteers. They liked the concept of young health volunteers who help them. They visited offices in urban areas, managed travel by the office, because they liked the idea because they were in need, they are not paid workers and they need to manage time. Sometimes it is not possible to follow what their health post instructs them to do. In this situation youngsters had the idea to help them so they brought those school going children who could help them. Besides this, they like what Console Mission provided, a tool that helped them in their work that was not provided by anyone and the Government. Similarly interacted with the organised faith based group from all over the area who learned about the disease. In this way Console Mission learned that for sustainability a local group “health club” could play an important role. Therefore, the Console Mission is focusing on developing so that prevention measures will be started and continued.
The local governing body of Choughare provided a reference letter understanding the impacting nature of the initiative. It was important to seek the participation of the locals and those locals must be no other than those who could understand and carry on what is instructed and through the working guidelines.


Participating against COVID-2019: Capacity to teach and produce hand-made mask for Prevention.


Emergencies like pandemic brings individuals & health care services down. A lesson to learn and system to recycle and capacity to initiate to develop materials that is possible using local resources and materials.