Global Handwashing Day

Since 2010 the founders and volunteers managed to train non-health-professional. Later student from Bachelor in Social Work, Theological student and people from rural communities showed interest to attend the training because it was practical based. Additionally, part of the training trainee were supposed to put what they learned into practice. Trainee attended from Elderly Homes and Community did not have problem to complete the assignment. But, in 2014 there were students who did not find place, so when they were followed-up, they were looking for the opportunity. The Executive shared about Global Handwashing Day that could be celebrated. After a short meeting with 3 trainees, they came with an idea that they will motivate their friends and on October 15 they will teach what they learned to wash hand to the people walking on side of the street. Additionally Console Mission planned to publish a pamphlets to distribute.


Global Handwashing Day: an opportunity to reach the individuals promoting hand washing

Since then the public’s excitements, support from profitable sectors and volunteers wanted to experience continued every year.