Preventive Health

Personal Hygiene Literacy and Alertness Project

  1. Health education
  2. Alertness activities

Global Handwashing Day is the opportunity for Health concentrating NGO. Since 2014, Console Mission has been providing training, campaigning and publicly teaching about the importance of hand washing.

A part of the Public Alertness, after washing hand systematically, signing committing to follow and teach family member about the importance and steps to wash hand with antibiotic soap.





At the heart of Nepal, Jawalekhel, volunteer medical personnel teaching to wash hand properly.


Oral Hygiene Literacy and Alertness Project

Objective: oral hygiene in-relation to the use of tobacco

Beneficiaries: disadvantaged children

Types of Beneficiaries: School Children

Sectors: Public School

Areas: Central Region of Nepal

Progress: tested and developed a package that looks unique

Wider Target: Health Priority at School

The Console Mission celebrates campaign in Lalitpur, Nepal