Legal Status since: April 2010

Founder Member/ Ad hoc committee: (1) Maya Thakuri (2) Parbati Thapa (3) Martha Marhatta (4) Shova Shah (5) Sarmila Rayamajhi (6) Dr. Narayan Maharjan (male) (7) Rajin Maharjan (male)

Our Values

  1. Strategy for the progressive development
  2. Concentrate in the method of working
  3. High priority for ethics in practicalitympathy, Regularity, Cost-effective, Accountability, Transparency, Respecting Culture

Working Values:

Empathy, Regularity, Cost-effective, Accountability, Transparency, Respecting Culture

2010 – 2012: (1) Martha Marhatta, (2) Maya Thakuri, (3) Dr. Narayan Maharjan, (4) Parbati Thapa, (5) Shova Shah, (6) Rajin Maharjan, (7) Dharma Raj Rizal, (8) Sabitri Thapa, (9) Dilmaya Rai

2013 – 2015: (1) Bed Baniya, (2) Tulsi Malla, (3) Dr. Narayan Maharjan, (4) Belimaya Pariyar, (5) Anita Maharjan, (6) Sony Shah, (7) Dharmaraj Rizal, (8) Rajin Maharjan, (9) Dilmaya Rai.

2016 – current: (1) Sony Shah (Yub Raj Acharya – resigned , posted in another location), MBA (2) Dilmaya Rai (Parbati Thapa – physically incapable), Local Community (Asish Tole Committee) Leader (3) Rajin Maharjan. MBA (4) Ramesh Prithi, CA/ (Rachel Koirala – resigned, study visa to Australia) (5) Dr. Bir Bahadur Syangtan, Medical Doctor (6) Prashanta Shrestha, BIT (7) Sneha Bista, BSc Lab Technican (8) Manika Maharjan, BScN (nurse) (9) Kamal Shrestha



  1. Concentrate in one issue based on research that could addresses multiple issues.
  2. Work in a cost-effective way by depending primarily on local resources.
  3. Accountability to all levels and types of stakeholders relevant to the initiative.
  4. Awakening: To awaken individuals, agencies and faith-based inside and outside towards their obligations for health and social work.
  5. Networking: To have networking with the community and economically backward focused hospitals, local offices and holistic care concerns.
  6. Communication: To maintain good relationship with its Console Mission members, stakeholders, donors, and partners.
  7. Efficient Management: To use resources available by introducing information technology, management concepts and account software.
  8. Fund Generation: To seek local financial, human and other resources in view of sustainability of the institution.

 Vision: Console the weak & advocating voiceless for a fair, peaceful & a complete society in Nepal by addressing the hindrances to the sustainable* development of Nepal. *The word sustainable was concentrated from the very beginning of Dilasha Aviyan. Therefore, 5-years initial study time was planned. As the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was effective after the millennium development goals (MDGs), it gave more clarity.

 Mission: For the sustainable & peaceful society, through behavioral health & education, health linked with social issues & complete management

Console Mission is a Preventive Health Focused NGO