The Issue

      • Geographically, learning places are located distance away, it is like journeying that children starts walking very early morning and returns late in the afternoon – that causes less time for them to focus in the study and their academic performance is low that children dropouts of school.
      • Illiteracy is not only the truth but low quality educational system and lack of fair treatment that educated even left behind that people are less motivated to education.
      • Lack of holistic learning environment at learning places – schools and at home, children lack self-confidence to appear in the new environment after even completing school achieving good grades.
      • When children self-dropouts of school, comparatively the volume of vulnerability is high compared to the cultural practices like marriage after menstruation and sending to earn at other’s house in city or working in factories that creates vulnerable to many aspects.
      • Children might be found continuing to school but lack of creative studying environment, they are motivated to each other even creating environment to interactions, sexual activities and other immoral behaviors.

    Our Solution

    Creating creative and friendly environment in community at learning place and at their home and develop monitoring student and treating as a valuable part of the community and the world for the peace and prosperity.