Educational Coaching

After School Educational Coaching is the primary goal of Children Sustainable Education and Literacy Project. Currently there are 22 students that C.M. has been concentrating on. There are 90 children from 7 villages of Nepal (mostly girls) who is seeking educational support. Beside the primary goal, educational materials management addresses basic need of the children whose parents are economically backward. They works as a manual worker in constructions areas. Besides this, they also works in fields growing vegetables and farming domestic animals like goat, cow and buffalo.

If there are more than one daughter or based on one case father left wife and two daughters and got married to another woman. Even in an economically good family, it is highly possible that girls will not complete even their school level education. After menstruation, freedom is limited for girls.

2-activities under this project (1) Motivating the school going and not going children to go school. And, develop the knowledge about the importance of education for their life (2) Literacy project from a Study Place where the school going children will get educational guidance like completing their assignments and preparing for exams, adult literacy project and Citizen’s Rights to Information by managing the availability of books, magazines and newspapers.