Projects 2018 – 2025

  1. Children Sustainable Education and Literacy
  2. Strengthening Shelter Homes (Health and Management)
  3. Internship
  4. Rescue Support Services
  5. Education on Intestinal Worms
Prog./ Purpose Target Groups Supported Existing Policies Cross Cutting Issues Name of the Project
Human Rights (Education) / To motivate children continue going to school (Motivating socially and geographically disadvantaged Children (especially girls) to Continue Going to School of South Lalitpur.)
  1. Socially disadvantaged especially female
  2. School going
  3. Children of the parent’s incapable to help to do their homework and prepare for exam
1.  Child marriage is prohibited (below age 18)

2.  Children rights to education

1.  Underage marriage

2.  Gender equality

3.  Illiteracy Rate

Children Sustainable Education and Literacy Project
Human Development/ To give practical insight to the undergraduate and graduate student 1.     Bachelor and Master in Social Work, Health and Management Student 1.  Internships is requirement as a part of academic accreditation 1.  Quality education System

2.  Practice based education

Internships Project
Human Rights (Health) and Human Development/ Health and management development for a decent life of beneficiaries 1.     Shelter Homes – elderly and abandoned rescued 1.   Elderly rights

2.   Quality Food Rights

3.    Equal treatment

1.   Quality care Strengthening Shelter Homes
Human Rights/ To rescue abandoned and aged to the safe place 1.    Abandoned and aged 1.  Citizen rights to quality life 1.  Human Trafficking

2.  Elderly rights


Rescue Support Services

2010 – 2015

  1. Basic Health and Management Training for the Caretaker of Shelter Homes
  2. Public Hygiene Alertness Program
  3. Finding Abandoned, Reporting about them to the relevant Shelter Homes and Assisting to Rescue